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Alpine Security has been providing quality security manpower services to various properties in Singapore since 2015. The Company incorporates up-to-date security equipment and promotes total security system operations to complement our security manpower services.

To maintain professionalism in the industry, the Company will embrace and adopt relevant and holistic training for its employees. The Company will be committed to ensure all employees are sponsored and trained in security and customer service related courses.

Our value lies in our determination, efficiency, as well as dynamic and motivated professionals, in pursuit of the most cost effective solution tailored to our client’s needs.

We take pride in executing our roles with the highest possible standard. Speak to us to find out more

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Jimmy Lim (Managing Director)

Managing director, Jimmy Lim is a veteran in the private security industry and has served senior positions in top security agencies such as Soverus and King Security. Equipped with a WSQ Diploma in Security Management, he has successfully led a team of more than 10 operation managers and 800 security officers for over 100 sites.

Gabriel Zhou (General Manager)

Gabriel Zhou served as Deputy General Manager at Soverus group, where he oversees both Soverus and Soverus Consultancy & Services. Many of his clients have benefited and successfully implemented technology innovation to achieve higher productivity with better security outcomes. He is also a Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner as accredited by CCTP Certified Counter Terrorism Board.

Jimmy Lim Alpine