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Available Services

Physical Guarding Services

With an extensive knowledge of best security practices in the market, Alpine security initiate and implement proven security procedures to ensure the safety and security of our clients. 

If you need help defining the unique security requirements, we will work with you to determine your needs, and put in place a bespoke security plan. 

Services Includes:

Access Control, Security Patrolling, CCTV management, Crisis management coordination, etc.

Alpine Security


We provide licensed security officers and non-licensed officers to enforce your safety policies during the pandemic:


- Ingress and egress access control: SafeEntry, fever screening, occupancy counting, hand sanitizing and etc.

- Safe distancing and compliance enforcement

Alpine Security

Events, Exhibitions & Conferences Security

Crowd management plan is more than just patrolling the venue with security trained personnel.


Our teams are highly experienced to attend to related tasks at all types of gatherings so you can focus on the business side of things and be on top of the security matters.

Events Security

Security Systems & Solutions

To continue to achieve a good security outcome for your property, leveraging tech and manpower is the best way forward. Sourcing for the right agency to properly design and implement effective physical security is important.

At Alpine security, we plan, build and execute new-age security solutions by merging physical security practices with advanced security technologies to enhance your clients' security and safety. 

Security Technology


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